Founded in 1959 out of general interest in "the new sport" by Ken Watson ( Watsons Motor cycles) - diving equipment in this era was wholly D.I.Y. whereby the business flourished on the sale of ex W.D. oxygen cylinders, submarine escape suits and bits & pieces.

Pioneered and established the first nylon lined neoprene wet suit material plant in the UK.

Over the years progressive changing markets and demands have directed our resources and expertise into providing a supply service of hardware essentials used by divers by way of:

  • Air & gas mixing panels
  • Fittings
  • Oxygen analysers
  • Oxygen therapy equipment
  • Rubber mouldings etc;

Our regular customers include M.O.D. - Civil Aviation - Local Government Authorities and numerous foreign agencies.

Our scope is not limited by our stock list and we always welcome enquiries of an allied specialised nature.