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Payment in all cases must accompany the order. The following methods of payment are accepted:
UK Bank Cheque, Access, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocrd or Eurocheque.
For cheque payments received by post, we reserve the right to clear them with the bank. Please allow 5 working days for this procedure.
Payment by cheque over the counter requires accompanying cheque guarantee card.

Payments by Visa or Access (Cardnet) over the telephone or through the post receive immediate authorisation. Please ensure that we receive the following information:

  1. Full name of the card holder.
  2. Full address at which the card is registered.
  3. Card number.
  4. Expiry date.
  5. A telephone number if possible in case of any technical hitch re authorisation.

Our trading currency is the British Pound. Other currencies shown are only estimates.