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1085D Cylinder Check Gauge with Bleed
1085HP As above but for 300bar connection.
Oil filled gauge with rubber cover.
Dial scale 0-350bar oil filled or dry.



1086D Charging Clamp with Bleed
5/8" BSP DIN for 232bar WP
1086DHP as above but for 300bar.



1082 Charging Clamp
1082HP for 300bar
5/8" BSP DIN to 1/4" BSP
60deg cone. To fit our 5040,
5041, 5042 & 5043 hoses.


1077 Charging Clamp
DIN female to block. For B.A. set filling.



1080 Charging Clamp
International to 5/8" BSP DIN.


1087 Charging Clamp with Oil Filled Gauge
1087DHP for 300bar WP.
5/8" BSP DIN for 232 bar. Gauge with rubber cover dial scale. 0-350 bar. Oil filled or dry.

adapto33 1236 Bleed Assembly
To make a 1/8" BSP female hole in a "Bleed" assembly.
adapto17 3084 Elbow
360deg swivel x 1/4" BSP threads. WP 300bar.
3087 Elbow
360deg swivel x 3/8" UNF threads. WP 232bar.
3098 Elbow
360deg swivel x 7/16" UNF threads. WP 232bar.



1260 Gauge Adaptor
1/4" BSP male to 1/4" BSP female.
1274 Gauge Adaptor
1/2" BSP female to 1/4" BSP male.



1265 Brass Adaptor
1/4" BSP male to 1/4" BSP male.
1265SR Brass Adaptor
1/4" x 1/4" BSP male with restrictor hole to reduce flow.



3099 Omni Swivel Ball
To fit onto 2nd stage of regulator. Enables shorter LP hose. Swivels through 360deg in both directions. Reduces condensation in 2nd stage.



1205 DIN Cylinder Decanting Assembly
1205HP As below but fitted with 300bar end fittings.
Fitted with bleed on one end. Hose is 12" (300mm) long - longer lengths to order.
A 0-350bar pressure gauge may be fitted as an optional extra. Oil filled or dry.



1081 Charging Clamp
5/8" BSP DIN male to International. WP 232bar.



1206 as above but DIN 232 or 300 bar to International 'A' clamp.