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A must for technical divers requiring cylinder refills from unknown sources. This is a compact unit machined from HE30 aluminium and hard anodised blue. Working pressure is 414 Bar with a test pressure of 850 Bar. Overall length is 250 mm x 55 mm diameter. For use only with our 0520 replacement cartridge. Life is around 50 x 12 Ltr. fills assuming air is already pre filtered correctly. May be used as a suplimentary filter to a charging panel. A mounting block is available Ref: 0525.
Supplied with a complete set of adaptors to enable filling from almost any source. Also a spare filter cartridge. Complete with N.R.V. and bleed block. Packed in a tough plastic case with foam inserts for protection in transit. Spare seal set also provided. Standard kit is supplied with 200 Bar fittings. 300 Bar is available, but please specify on orders.
6310 7600
Max. W.P. 207 Bar for use with booster pumps. 10 Micron Replaceable stainless steel filter. 1/4 NPT Female threads. Pipe sizes also available. Please ask.
7606 IN LINE STAINLESS STEEL FILTER Max W.P. 414 Bar. For 6mm Tube. 10 Micron Replaceable Stainless Steel filter for use with Booster Pumps etc. Also available with 1/4 NPT Female threads & other pipe sizes available.
7610 7610 IN LINE STAINLESS STEEL "T" FILTER Max W.P. 414 Bar for 6mm Tube. 10 Micron replaceable Stainless Steel filter. Easily replaced without disconnecting from pipe work. Other Microns available to special order. Also available with 1/4 NPT Female threads. Once fitted you do not need to dis-connect to replace filter Element. Just unscrew the hex nut.